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Your Pets is an independent UK store offering amazing pet products to make you and your pets happy. We pride ourselves in providing you with good quality, affordable, highly rated pet products for your furry friends. From pet beds, carriers, flaps, grooming products, toys & treats, we’ve got it all. Hand-picked to product perfection, we hope you love our ranges as much as we do.


If you have any questions or queries, please get in touch with our Customer Support team by emailing hello@your-pets.uk or by filling in the contact form

about us

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Living with pets!

Even when we love our Canines and Cats like they're our fur-babies, sharing homes with animals brings challenges to our attempts to achieve nice and clean living areas. In spite of tidying efforts and the volume of cleaning-themed TV shows, apps, Instagram pages or books available, there will always be indicators of pets living with us... From garish toys scattered on the floor, pet hair on the bed, dog chews hiding beneath the furniture and of course, the biggest culprit of all grubbiness: Ugly pet beds. Luckily, we have available all manner of quality pet products, from pet beds, carriers, flaps, grooming products, toys & treats that we feel will fit into your lifestyle, that will make for a happy, fresher, more stylish and functioning home!

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