Pop Up Dog Tents – Should You Get One?

Pop Up Dog Tents – Should You Get One?

Pop Up Dog Tents

There are dogs who love to go camping and yet there are others that are not as thrilled to experience a change of environment.

Honestly speaking, pop up dog tents with their great design and concept is not for all dog owners and their pets.

These tents are best for dogs that are smaller and crate-trained. Some dogs just want to stay outside whatever happens and will rip off a tent that blocks their way.

That being said, there are a number of durable, well-made models available that have very good reviews like the above.

Dog tents that suit small furry pets can provide them with some benefits:

Protection from the Weather and Insects

Owners of smaller dogs can get a dog tent to protect them from the elements when they go to the beach or park. Pets can enjoy the outdoors and stay comfortable at the same time.

Ideal for Backpackers

The tents used by backpackers are small in size and dogs make things overcrowded. Backpackers will be happy with the small, pop-up tents since these can be carried by the dogs themselves.

Let Them Stay Out Of The Way

When campers are setting up their tents, they wouldn’t want to chase after their pet dog every now and then. They can contain their fluffy friend in a dog tent with water and their favorite blanket while they are focusing on what they are doing.

Protect the Main Tent

If they took along their inflatable mattresses, they wouldn’t want dog paws all over them.

They can put a dog tent inside the main tent to protect their mattresses as well as to keep them from getting dog hair.

This way, their pet dog will have its own space while staying close to them while sleeping.

Protect Your Car

The best dog tents can fit at the back of many SUVs. Therefore, there is no need to worry that their furry friend might move about while they are driving. Also, they keep dog hair from getting into their seats and upholstery.

Great for Dog Trials

Pop up tents are the best choice when staying at a hotel or waiting in line at a dog trial. It is easy to assemble and offers rest without being distracted by the other canines.

Ideal for Overnight Trips

When spending the night at a hotel or friend’s house, a dog tent can prevent the loss of a security deposit or friendship.

Suitable For the Indoors

Not all friends and family members like dogs. Also, there are visitors that take along toddlers who pull tails or whiskers.

Instead of confining their pet in another room, they can get a dog tent. In this way, they can hear and see what they are up to and at the same time, become closer to them as well.

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