How to Prepare Your Cat for Traveling in a Carrier

How to Prepare Your Cat for Traveling in a Carrier

Most cats can easily adjust to riding in a car when you take along a comfortable cat carrier. In addition to being durable, it should be roomy enough so your cat will be able to stand and move around. Weeks before your trip on the road, position the carrier in one of your cat’s favorite napping areas.

The door of the carrier can be removed so it can be used indoors. At the bottom part, you can spread her blanket, which she has just slept on or any of the clothes you have just used but not yet washed. From time to time, place her favorite treats inside the carrier. However, if your cat does not fall for this, you need to feed her with regular cat food while she is inside the carrier.

Do not allow movement

To keep both of you safe from harm, do not allow your cat to move about when you are driving. Some unpleasant things may take place. You may get distracted and this may lead to a serious accident. Or else, she might get thrown away or get hurt when the car suddenly stops. For your cat to remain calm and comfortable, you can use a towel to cover the carrier while the car is in motion. Know what is best for your cat.

Encourage the use of a litter box

Whenever you are home, encourage your pet cat to use the kitty litter box by adding new litter to it. Cats that are not used to riding in a car usually vomit inside their carriers within the first 20 minutes of the trip. In case this happens, be sure to buy diapers and use them to cover the bottom part of the carrier. They are absorbent and disposable, making it easy to clean up as the unexpected happens.

Allow short pauses

Cats, like people, can stay in one position for a long period without the need to stretch her legs. Once your car reaches a stop, place her leash then let her go out to drink water and have a litter break.

There are times when cats get lost at stopover places. They can easily go out of an open door or window crack. Do not forget to include some identification on the collar as well as the details of people that can be contacted in the event of an emergency when you are far from home. Also take along a recent photo of your cat if ever you have to print flyers when something happens.

When traveling with your cat, majority of your meals will be bought from drive-through stores. In case you need to leave your cat in the car for whatever reason like you need to go to the bathroom, make sure to park in the shade, open your windows a bit then come back as soon as you can.

It might be best to bring your cat inside the carrier and take it with you inside the cubicle. Since she is accustomed to seeing you, she will remain comfortable wherever you go. When you want to go sightseeing or shopping, always see to it that your cat is safe. On the other hand, look for a reputable veterinarian within your area, where you can entrust your pet for short-term boarding.

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