Why Do People Buy Dog Tents?

Why Do People Buy Dog Tents?

Summer is the best season for people to have fun outdoors with their pet dog while swimming, hiking or playing catch with them. Camping is one of the favorite pastimes of dog owners however if their pet loves to snore, becomes dirty while exploring or even worse, passes gas (a habit of most dogs), they may not want to share their tent. It would be best for them to get a dog tent.

A dog tent has several advantages. It protects pets from the sun since a tent allows dogs to rest comfortably in the shade while their masters are fly fishing or relaxing by a river, pond or stream. Trainers can use them during dog shows to stage animals or for agility training. They can come on handy at a park when there is no shade or at the backyard during barbecue parties. (Notice: The use of pet tents should be supervised by adults).

A dog tent also comes with a number of disadvantages.

The first time people see a dog tent, it seems to be a practical thing to buy but the truth is, it also has its disadvantages.


  • Caring for such a tent is not exactly low maintenance, especially when their use is maximized.
  • Most dog tents are very compact so only one dog can fit inside.
  • They come in different sizes so dog owners should measure their pets first to buy the most fitting model. This is especially true with larger breeds in order for them to be able to turn around and feel comfortable.

How to Teach a Dog To Stay Inside His Tent

Just like their human dads, doggies may not love to stay in their temporary home right away. While some dogs can easily adjust and lie down at once, others will hesitate to go inside or even near it.

Dog owners should not be in a hurry to close the zipper the moment their four-legged companion enters and rests inside for the first time. In case their dog becomes uneasy and doubtful, they should wait a little while to get used to it.

Indoor dog tents can be chosen in place of a mesh container or dog basket. They can serve as a cozy, hidden place to retreat. They can also be a practical thing to take on a vacation. It is a space saver since it can be folded and kept inside the trunk as well as easily assembled in the hotel room. This way, there is something familiar to dogs even in an unknown place.

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