Weimaraners: High Energy Dogs for Families With Teenagers

Weimaraners: High Energy Dogs for Families With Teenagers

How to Handle Weimaraner Energy!

Weimaraners can be loyal and devoted family dogs with adult children of athletic families. Families who have had a variety of experiences raising other dogs in the past will be a better fit for this hyperactive, quick-to-learn breed. Families who live in single family homes create the best environment for this breed. Weimaraners can not handle the small, cramped confines of apartments. These medium-large dogs enjoy many outdoor activities when creativity is added to each walk and play time.

Turn the urban playground into an agility course, change up the walks with short sprints, longer jogs, training exercises, biking, or rollerblading. Weimaraners get bored easily with predictability. Always seek out new places around town for your dog to explore, like the thrill of the hunt! These dogs make excellent guard dogs too, in an environment with clear leadership the dog feels confident. Otherwise he may exhibit missed placed aggression.

Weimaraner Grooming: A Dog That Loves Water But Hates Baths

Weiamraners are hypoallergenic dogs. They have fair skin and a light coat. Washing once a month is great. Weimaraners are big dogs and I usually just used the hose with Titan as he stood outside. Unlike smaller dogs you won’t have the luxury of bathing them in the bathtub in the privacy and comforts of your own home.

Don’t wash them too much! They can be sensitive to many products, and you should give them sufficient time between bathing for their natural oils to sooth and protect their skin and coat. My favorite shampoo with Titan was Natural Oatmeal Bio Groom. Bio Groom has a smooth, silky consistency, easy to apply, leathers nicely and smells so fresh! Also Bio Groom rinses away quickly without leaving any film. You may want to wash your Weimaraner twice sometimes because they have shorter hairs closer to the skin that are a bit fuzzy for warmth in colder months.

Although Weimaraners love water, they may not enjoy baths. Titan struggled with baths until his adult years. Even as a teenage dog Weimar’s are big and heavy and will wedge their front legs to the door frame and grip wall edges with their paws to prevent getting put in a bath!

Titan loved the fresh after-bath feeling though! He would drag his face through the carpet with his bottom up high in the air, to dry his coat off! Than throw himself over on his back and squiggle himself for a satisfying back scratch!

After Bath Care

No need to dry your Weimaraner! Just a towel pat-down will do. Weimaraner’s have short hair, and naturally dry quickly. Once dry, I would finish off the grooming routine with a relaxing few minutes of brushing. I recommend this rubberized dog brush by Kong. This brush is comfortable to hold, and not irritating to Weimaraner’s sensitive skin because the bristles are thick and rubberized also. The friction of the rubber provides just enough pull to bring out all the loose hairs which are easily transparent. Keeping your floors and furniture hair-free from any possible light shedding. This brush also holds the hair it does pull out within the bristles so it is easily wiped and cleaned afterwords.

Weimaraner Family Challenges

It’s Not All Fun & Games…

I do not recommend the Weimaraner as a great family dog for a family with young children. The reasons for this are numerous. Let’s start with the dog’s breed. Weimaraners are classified in the Hunting or Sporting Group, depending where you look. Most often they are classified as hunting dogs which says a lot right there.

Since Weimaraners primary instinct is to hunt, some individual dogs will have a stronger inherent hunting instinct and this is not suitable if you live in the city. A Weimaraner usually thrives best in rural settings, they have a very high energy requirement and do best with large areas of land that they can roam freely and safely. Not allowing the dog to run freely anywhere from 1-2 hours minimum a day, will result in “breaking the dog’s character” and result in destructive and depressive behaviours.

Many Weimaraners end up in the pound, or with horse trainers because of owners who were not well informed and could not handle them.

The dog also possesses other traits that would naturally help his hunting skills, but not make him an ideal dog for young children; such as “herding”. Weimaraners have been known to bite or “place their mouth” around ankles of “prey” to re-direct the prey’s actions. You can see how this would be a problem with young children waddling around and cooing in high-pitched voices.

This dog is very intelligent and learns quickly, even emulating actions of his human owners and other dogs whether these behaviors are desirable or not. He is also one step ahead of you, unless you are very clever and experienced with dogs, the teenage Weimaraner is exceptionally challenging due to their intellect, quick learning and arrogance. I highly recommend getting professional training for any Weimaraner from the moment you take him home, regardless of your experience with dogs. And I also highly recommend that a Weimaraner not be your first dog, prior dog experience is a must-have to raise a Weimaraner successfully.

Weimaraner Character Traits

Although the Weimaraner is high-strung, stubborn and can be very intelligent – they are challenging. Weimaraners can also be protective. They look slightly intimating because of their size and they only bark if necessary. They are proud of their territory. This breed is generally very quiet. But will bark if feels they need to alert you of danger, and will stop at nothing to defend you and your family.

Weimaraners love the outdoors and love. Titan had excited bursts of energy when we had off leash time. He would run around the yard at full speed doing his own laps!

This breed is very loyal to their human family pack. They get overly excited to see you after school and work everyday! They often yelp or howl with excitement and joy, and settle down against your lap while you study or read or watch TV.

This breed needs constant human contact and can not be left alone for several hours at a time. Long hours of loneliness lead to separation anxiety in this breed. They also benefit from planned time away, take him or her for a run before work or a nice long walk, so that he or she can relax while you are gone. A pent-up Weimaraner will destroy your furniture and be very anxious. Weimaraners need daily stress relief through exercise.

A family with teenagers is perfect because everyone can take turns walking and exercising the dog. Weimaraners love all sports and inviting your dog to play soccer along side you or join you for a long jog, or ride along side your bike are all the things they love! Likely a family with older children also has more staggered times for leaving in the morning and returning in the afternoon and evening, allowing only a few short hours where the Weimaraner would be alone at any given time.

Weimaraners Bring Joy

Weimaraners bring joy to all families that are willing to have them. They are a diverse dog that you can take hunting, and camping, involve them in dog sports such as agility or tracking, or make your own obstacle courses around the neighborhood. They require lots of physical active but also lots of brain games! This breed is willing to please but will also make you work for them because they are very fast learners and they get bratty! They remain loyal and protective of their territory and their family.

They have low grooming needs, and are hypoallergenic. Their shedding is light and less obvious because of their fair coat.

They have a few health issues that may affect them more commonly than other breeds, however, they may also have a good quality of life despite chronic illness.

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